Advice For Those Using Metric Lock Nuts With Bolts That Experience Vibration

If you have to keep bolts secure under vibrating conditions, then you'll want to consider using metric lock nuts to support them. These nuts lock in place and thus won't come loose even when there are vibrations. Just make sure you use these metric fasteners in the following ways. Start With the Right Size Like other metric fastener types, lock nuts have a lot of different sizes. You want to carefully analyze the bolts you're supporting with this fastener type so that you have an easy time with installation, as well as ensure these lock nuts stay in place once they've been tightened enough.

Why The Detail Of CNC Machining Is So Valuable

A major selling point of computer numerical control (CNC) machining is that it is so precise. Precision is good, but with CNC machining, you get an astounding level of precision. While manual machining can obviously produce very good work, CNC machining is better for large or rush jobs, and for projects where you need the item to fit narrow tolerance ranges. The detail and precision of CNC are very valuable.

Robotic Welding For Water Storage Tank Manufacturing: 5 Key Benefits

Welded metal water storage tanks are always in demand and have applications ranging from small, domestic water heaters to massive, industrial-scale mining operations. However, any welded water storage tank lives and dies on the quality of its welds, and even minor imperfections in a weld can seriously shorten a tank's useful service life. With this in mind, it makes sense that many water storage tank manufacturers are investing in automated processes.