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Learn Good Things About Manual Pallet Jacks

If you have a store, warehouse, or other business where pallets are moved, then you'll want to ensure the safety of your staff. You'll also want to create a safe workplace in general. This can mean implementing certain procedures and having the proper equipment for the workspace. You should learn about manual pallet jacks and consider using them in your workplace. Here is more on them.

Manual pallet jacks can be a better option than a forklift for a few reasons

When you have manual pallet jacks, the pallets in your workspace can be moved from one spot to another. This can be done by a person, and in many cases, it can cut out the need for forklifts. This can be helpful for many reasons. 

For one, forklifts can add to the risk of injuries in the workplace. Also, forklifts require special training for someone to drive them, whereas manual pallet jacks don't. Finally, the manual pallet jacks can work well in tight quarters, where a forklift would have a hard time maneuvering. 

Manual pallet jacks are designed to maneuver heavy loads

A manual pallet jack looks small and can be tucked away where it is almost out of sight. However, it can haul and maneuver heavy loads. The operator will find it easy to move the loads from one location to the next. The manual pallet jack will have girls that slide right under the pallets and support them. Then, the operator can raise the pallet off the floor by using the jack function.

The pallet can be raised to move it through the space and move to where it goes next. The exact height the jack can lift the pallet depends on the model. Once the pallet is in place, the forks will be slit out from under it and the jack will be lowered. 

Manual pallet jacks are easy to maintain 

A great thing about manual pallet jacks is that they are so easy to maintain. Since these machines are manually powered, there are fewer parts than something that's motor-powered, and that means fewer things can go wrong. It also means the pallet jack won't need things like gas and motor oil. 


It's a good idea for you to make sure you have some manual pallet jacks on hand when you have pallets coming in and out of your facility. Once you have these pallet jacks, you may find they are of a lot more useful to you than you realized. For more information, contact a company like Engineered Equipment Systems.