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Hiring A Commercial Electrician For Your Electrical Update Or Project

When you need an electrical contractor for a job in a commercial business or space, you need to look for a commercial electrician that specializes in the type of work you are doing. In some situations, a general electrician can handle the job for you, but there are some situations that require an electrician with a specific skill set to get the work you need to be done correctly. 

Commercial Electrical Systems

The electrical panel in a commercial building often has more electricity running through it than in a residential system. The wiring is also done differently to ensure it can withstand additional loads on the electrical system and can involve voltages several times higher than anything in a house.

A commercial electrician should have experience working with these systems, and in some states, the licensing requirements for a commercial electrician may require more education and additional testing. Projects requiring a lot of electrical work may mean hiring an electrical company and having several electricians on the job at the same time.

In industrial applications, the voltage requirements may be high enough that large gauge wiring is necessary to ensure it will carry the load. The large wire is harder to work with, and often it requires some specific tools to connect the lines to the equipment and electrical box on each end. Commercial electrical contractors typically carry this kind of equipment in their trucks because they use them regularly. 

Commercial Electricians And Residential Projects

Some projects you undertake at home may require a commercial electrician to complete correctly. Updating the electrical service in your home and installing a new panel and breakers is a big job, and many times it requires an electrical that has the tools and equipment to deal with the service entrance and the high voltage coming into your panel/

You may not be required to use a commercial electrician for the job, but it can be beneficial. If you are rewiring the home or adding additional circuits, the commercial electrical service can bring a crew to complete the work faster than having one electrical working on your project.

Your electrical contractor can also run the cabling through the house for your cable, internet, telephone, and security system while they are there. These additional cables do not require an electrician to install them. However, if you are running lines to multi-use boxes that hold electrical outlets, USB outlets, and cable connectors, it is a good idea to let the electrician handle the installation. This is the best way to ensure there are no conflicts between the electrical and the additional cables. 

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