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Buying Fire Extinguishers For The House? 4 Rooms You Shouldn't Forget

If you're upgrading the fire protection in your home, you'll want to bring in the fire extinguishers. If you're only going to put fire extinguishers in the kitchen and garage, you're missing some key spots in the house. You might not realize it, there are other rooms in the house that need fire extinguishers. Not sure that's the case? Read the list below. Here are four rooms in your home where you should install fire extinguishers. 

Living Room

If you don't have a fire extinguisher in your living room, it's time to add one. You might not realize it, but there are quite a few fire hazards in the living room. A fireplace is one of those fire hazards. Hot embers from the fireplace can ignite carpets and furniture. If you don't have a fire extinguisher, you can't react fast enough when a fire erupts. That's why you need to hang a fire extinguisher in the living room. When you have a fire extinguisher in the living room, you can knock out the flames right away. 

Utility Room

If you have a utility room, you need to worry about fire risks. That's especially important if your furnace is inside the utility room. Furnace fires can happen at any time, especially if your furnace is dirty. If a furnace fire does erupt, a fire extinguisher will help you put out the flames before they can spread through the house.


If you haven't installed a fire extinguisher in your bathroom, it's a good idea to invest in one. You might not think you need a fire extinguisher in the bathrooms, but you do. That's especially important if you have a space heater in your bathrooms. Fires can start when your space heater overheats. Or when fabric gets too close to the hot coils. Electrical fires can also start in your bathroom, especially if you use heated styling appliances. You can use a fire extinguisher to fight the fires that can start in the bathroom.   


If you're installing fire extinguishers in your home, remember the bedrooms. There are unseen fire risks inside the bedroom. Some of those risks include candles, wax warmers, and electric blankets. If you use extension cords in the bedrooms, the risk of fires increases. That's why you need fire extinguishers in your bedrooms. 

Don't take chances with your safety. Be prepared for a fire. Install fire extinguishers in every room of the house. 

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