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2 Ways Teardrop Pallet Racking Saves Money

If you're researching pallet rack systems, then you should seriously consider using a teardrop design. These racks give you strong and stable solutions. They can also reduce your investment costs both now and in the future. How can pallet racks save you money?

1. Maximize Your Buying Choice

While you can buy different pallet rack designs, teardrop systems are one of the most common options in the sector. Many manufacturers and suppliers sell racks to this design. The teardrop pallet rack market is very competitive.

You get more product choice than if you opted for a more specialized design that is less widely available. Manufacturers have to offer more cost-effective prices in order to compete. That means your initial set-up costs should be lower. You can shop around for the lowest prices and offers at any given time.

2. Minimize Change Costs

Over time, you might need to reconfigure your pallet racks. For example, you might need to expand your racks or reduce their size. You might need to change the size of some rack shelves so that you can store products of different sizes and weights.

If you have to change your system, then you could have some downtime when the racks aren't in use. You have to allocate people to take the racks down and rebuild them. You might have to buy extra parts to expand the system.

This project comes with downtime and labor costs. Heavier and more complex racks take longer to take apart and put together. You need more people to do this job.

Plus, your parts costs could be high if you use a specialty system. You might have to wait to make changes if the parts you need aren't in stock or need to be manufactured to fit your system. Your costs will be higher if you don't have a lot of product choice.

Teardrop pallet racks are easier to reconfigure and rebuild than other systems. These racks are lighter than the norm; their connectors are also easy to remove and set in place. So, your employees can change part or all of a system in less time. You won't need to put so many people on this job, and you won't have as much downtime.

Plus, you can get hold of expansion parts more easily. Teardrop systems have maximum compatibility. You can usually use any manufacturer's parts on any system or configuration.

To find out more about teardrop pallet rack systems, contact pallet suppliers.