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Features That Can Help Construction Companies Use Jaw Crushers Effectively

In order to effectively reduce the size of materials around a construction site, jaw crushers are often required. They're powerful and can make a lot of materials smaller. If you get one with the following features, your construction operations will truly benefit.

Well-Supported Material Design

You probably will have certain materials that you're looking to break down into smaller sizes, whether it's concrete or certain rock varieties. If you look at these relevant materials and use them to find a jaw crusher, you can make a better selection that works out a lot better.

For instance, if you plan on breaking down concrete, then the jaw crusher needs to have enough power and be made from the right materials to support crushing without causing damage to surrounding equipment. Make sure all of your construction materials are well-supported by the crusher's designs and materials.

Large Feed Opening

The area that you'll be using to insert materials to be crushed in order to make them smaller is called the feed. You want this part of the jaw crusher to be as large as possible because then you'll be able to complete this crushing activity with ease. 

Having a large feed should make it easy to set up materials in this system and prevent clogs from happening. That will protect surrounding equipment too. You'll just need to see how big the feed is and compare different jaw crusher options so that you have all the data to make the right call for this construction equipment investment.

Reverse Crush Action

There might be some materials that end up getting stuck inside the jaw crusher, which you don't want to leave behind to ensure this machine doesn't become damaged. If you get a jaw crusher with reverse crushing action, sticky materials won't be as big of a problem.

You'll activate the reverse setting and the jaw crusher will work backward, which should be enough to get sections of material unstuck. Then you can continue using the jaw crusher as you normally would. Having this capability is nice, just in case you end up dealing with some difficult materials that have sticky compositions.

When you want to take materials on a construction site and reduce them in size, a jaw crusher is the best resource to use. You'll have no trouble with said equipment over the years if you know what features will make this crushing activity easy and safe to carry out. 

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