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Tips For Improving Your Restaurant With The Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When you run a commercial kitchen, it's important that you get to know the components that are best for it. By shopping around for commercial kitchen equipment that helps with your processes, your customers and employees will all benefit from it. You need a plan for what each work shift looks like, along with the equipment that will help you execute that plan. This article will teach you to shop for and use the kitchen equipment that you need.

Plan out your kitchen processes and layout

Looking after your commercial kitchen begins with knowing your processes and making them a reality. Reverse-engineer the menu selections that you have, and figure out what kind of kitchen setup will help you get high-quality dishes out in a timely manner.

Think about the number of cooks you will have working each shift, and set up a layout that lets you move people from workflow to workflow, while easily tracking multiple orders, disposing of waste, and keeping their work area clean and tidy.

Add plenty of LED lighting to your kitchen so that you can get a handle on your electricity use while using lights that are safer and more reliable. Prioritize things like ventilation and energy efficiency so that you can keep your kitchen at its best.

Shop the market for the best new or used commercial kitchen equipment

Once you know what you need for your kitchen, it's time to start shopping for the best commercial kitchen equipment available. Your ovens are the bread and butter for your restaurant business, so make sure you have the right types and amounts that you need.

Shop for both used and new commercial oven models, and find out which models are the most suitable to your output and the type of food that you prepare. A commercial oven could cost you between roughly $6,000 and $13,000. You might also need to shop for a commercial refrigerator for your restaurant. This will let you store your food items for the long-term, without worrying about the food spoiling or otherwise losing quality. Your refrigeration and freezers are also important when it comes to keeping your restaurant up to date with health and safety codes.

Make sure to also have a plan for maintaining and repairing your commercial kitchen equipment. Get assistance from your contractors so that your equipment is always kept in good condition.

Start with these tips when you need new restaurant kitchen equipment.