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Things To Consider When Buying A Service Body For Your Truck

Work trucks often have specialized needs, and putting a truck service body on it can help make the truck work better for you. You might want to consider some things when you are looking at truck service bodies for sale to make sure you get one that fits your needs and will last a long time.

Body Size

One of the most critical parts of selecting a truck service body is the size and weight and the truck chassis you are putting it on. If the truck body is extremely heavy, you may need to upgrade the truck's suspension before you install the body, and it is essential to remember that once the body is in place, you will be adding tools and equipment to it. 

If the truck service body is already close to the limit of the trucks suspension capacity, adding things like a generator, tools, and other equipment could be enough to put the weight over the top and damage the springs and suspension. Adding some heavy-duty springs to the truck or additional leaves to the spring pack to improve the factory springs' capacity is a common solution and works well.  

Body Configuration

Selecting a truck service body that has the right size compartments and the proper layout is essential. If the compartments are too small, you may have equipment that you need that will not fit in them. It is a good idea to take some measurements of the larger tools and equipment you need in the service truck to make sure there is room to get them into the new service truck body.

Some companies will make your service truck body for you from scratch, and if you go this route, you can specify the layout of the boxes and the size of the compartments and doors on the body. If you are selecting a custom design, you may want to look at bodies with a generator built into the body or one with a special compartment that allows access to the generator without having to open the door and try to reach the plugs inside the compartment. Often these compartments also have an exhaust pipe that keeps the fumes from building up inside the box. 

Body Materials

When you are selecting a truck service body, the material it is made from is essential. A steel body will be durable but prone to rust, whereas an aluminum or fiberglass body will be rust-resistant. The durability may not be as high, so it is vital to consider the environment the truck will be in and talk to the manufacturer to determine what material will be best for your truck service body.