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Three Benefits of Using Hydraulic-Cylinder Repair Seals

Hydraulic cylinders are essential to the function of much of your mechanical equipment in your fully automated manufacturing plant. All of those swivel arms that have tools on the ends or grasp and lift products on and off the assembly line utilize hydraulic cylinders. When the cylinders do not work because there is a leak in either air pressure or hydraulic fluid, you end up with several factory defects in the products. While it could take weeks, maybe even months, to repair the cylinders that are experiencing these problems, you need to continue production as normal. To do so, you should use hydraulic-cylinder repair seals. Here are three benefits to using these seals until the cylinders and machines are fully repaired.

The Repair Seals Temporarily Solve the Problems

These repair seals stop the air and fluid leaks so that the cylinders and machines can function better. While some repair seals can be permanent, the temporary ones will give you just enough time to keep production going until the repair technician shows up within a few days. Additionally, the temporary seals are less expensive. When you compare the price of the temporary seals to the possible lost profit from machines that do not work or days when production may need to close down, it is worth it to buy and install the temporary seals yourself to keep the machines going.

Semi-Permanent Seals Give You More Time

If you know you cannot get a repair technician to the factory within a week or two weeks, then you might want to use a semi-permanent seal for the affected hydraulic cylinders. These fit and are wedged into the areas at the bases of the hydraulic cylinders to tighten the grip of the exterior casing around the interior cylinder. These are generally used for hydraulic fluid loss, but there are a few for air-pressure loss as well. By using these seals, you can squeeze a little more use and time out of the affected cylinders so that production is relatively unaffected.

You Can Keep and Continue to Use Old Cylinders

Perhaps the best benefit to using repair seals is that you can keep and continue to use old cylinders. This reduces the cost of having to replace the cylinders themselves, which may not have anything physically wrong with them beyond issues with leaks. Since the expense of having to replace a hydraulic cylinder on an automated arm or automated machine is often more expensive than the cost of repair seals, it just makes better monetary sense to keep and use the cylinders you have and stop up leaks with the seals.