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4 Nifty Reasons You Need Extra Rubber Grommets on Hand at Home

Rubber grommets can be found by the hundreds at hardware and retail stores, and in any industrial setting or garage, there are bound to be several hanging around. These little rubber wonders are designed to prevent metal-on-metal contact in mechanical applications, such as with the installation of a screw over a vulnerable metal surface. However, rubber grommets can make their way into the rest of the house to be used in a lot of other ways. Here are a few creative reasons why you should have a spare jar of rubber grommets hanging out in your home. 

Make quick repairs to broken flip-flops. 

If your flip-flops are going to break, it will most likely be with a small tear in the hole where the plastic toe piece slips through the sole. This small tear is usually just wide enough to allow the button-shaped plastic piece to slip out with every step. If you have some rubber grommets hanging around, find one just large enough to slip over the plastic button piece, and this will prevent it from being able to slip through the tear.

Get a little more life out of electronic chargers.

From the cell phone to the tablet, electronic devices rely on a charger to keep the battery powered. Unfortunately, electronic chargers often get tugged and pulled so often they develop shorted wires right around the adapter that plugs into the phone. If you have a charger that has a short, try slipping a small rubber grommet over the end to hold that section of wiring straight so you can still charge your device.

Add feet to decor to prevent scratching wooden surfaces. 

That lovely metal bowl you like to fill with blooms and display on your wooden table may be lovely, but the bottom has rough edges that will leave ugly scratches when the bowl is scooted around. You can easily add no-scratch feet to just about anything with a hot glue gun and a few rubber grommets. 

Add non-skid edging to rugs to keep them stable on slippery floors. 

If you have a rug that looks amazing but drives you crazy because it will not stay situated, try adding a little traction with a few thin rubber grommets along the edges. Low-profile rubber grommets can be stitched onto the bottom of the rug at the corners and around the edges to hold it in place on slippery wood, tile, or linoleum flooring. 

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