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Troubleshooting Basic Problems with the Conveyor System in Your Facility

Whether you are the owner of a warehousing and distribution facility or a manufacturing business, having an industrial conveyor system throughout the building just makes logical sense. They give you the ability to move products from one level or location to the next without having to have the extra hands that would normally be required for transport. While most conveyor systems work fine for the long term, there can also be basic problems during everyday operations. It will be helpful for you to get to know the simple problems that can come up with your conveyor system and what you can do to get things going again. 

Problem: The conveyor stops moving intermittently for no apparent reason.

Cause and Solution: Issues with the photo eyes can make you think that your conveyor system is either completely failing or really in need of some major repairs. This is perhaps one of the most common culprits when your conveyors stop moving. You may see sections stop moving intermittently or even see the whole system stop moving altogether if there are problems with the photo eyes. These devices are mounted along the sides of the conveyor system and are designed to track when something is stuck that could cause damage or a safety hazard. If something is clouding the vision of the photo eye, sometimes even a speck of dust, the conveyor may freeze. So, in some cases, all you really need to do is clean the photo eyes of the conveyor.

Problem: The complete conveyor system stops working.

Cause and Solution: Although this type of problem can be enough to cause sheer panic in a facility that heavily relies on its conveyor system, the cause is usually fairly basic and is often associated with some form of electrical problem. First, check the power connection of the conveyor system to ensure it is still connected and that no breakers have been thrown. If this is not the problem, make sure you don't see any damaged wiring that could be interrupting power delivery. 

Problem: You deal with product or container jams in a specific spot on a daily basis. 

Cause and Solution: If you are constantly experiencing jams on the conveyor in or around the same spot every day, it can be frustrating to say the least, and it can definitely slow production. In most cases, consistent jams at the same location on the conveyor points to a section of the conveyor belt or rollers that is not moving as it should to push products along at the same rate of speed as usual. Check out the area, clean it thoroughly, and watch closely for a bot to see if you spot a discrepancy in the movement in comparison to the rest of the conveyor. If you do spot a difference, you may have to have a technician come in and make repairs to that section.