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Four Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Used Trailer

Once you've decided to buy a trailer, it's time to start the shopping process and see what sizes and features are available within your price range. If you're a budget-conscious shopper, perusing the used market is ideal, as you'll often be able to find a nearly new trailer for an attractive price. Although many trailer dealers offer extensive warranties on their used trailers as well as new models, it's important to be vigilant about getting the best product for the price. Here are some questions to be sure you ask your trailer salesperson.

Has The Trailer Even Been In An Accident?

Just as it's important to obtain the vehicle's history when you're shopping for a car or truck, knowing as much as possible about the history of the trailer can ensure that you get the right product for you. It's always possible that the trailer went through some major issue that was subsequently repaired -- as a customer, you have a right to know. Depending on the answer to this question, you can follow up by asking for any additional information about the trailer's previous usage.

How New Are The Tires?

Even if the trailer is used, the dealer might have outfitted with new tires for the sale -- either way, it's important to know. Buying a trailer with new or nearly new tires will save you having to replace them in the immediate future, as well as provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that the tires are unlikely to blow out during a future trip.

Has The Wiring Recently Been Replaced?

Much of towing a trailer safely revolves around ensuring that the wiring functions properly. After all, a motorist traveling behind you might rear-end the trailer if the brake lights didn't light up upon you pressing the brake pedal. You don't necessarily need to buy a trailer that has new wiring, but if it's original, you'll want to have the salesperson remove some of the trailer's panels to show you the condition of the wire.

What Happens If I Change My Mind?

Given that you want to shop with confidence, it's important to know about the trailer dealer's return policy. Ask how many days you have to return the trailer if you're not satisfied and ensure that you'll get 100 percent of your money back, rather than have a certain amount held as an administrative charge.

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