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Addressing A Couple Of Questions About Routine Overhead Door Problems

Overhead doors have a variety of uses in both commercial and residential applications. However, these doors are far more complicated than standard doors, and this can make them prone to experiencing problems. Yet, many people lack much of the experience needed to understand the steps to correct these issues when they arise. There are two problems that are particularly common from overhead doors, and you may benefit from having the following questions about these issues addressed. 

Why Does Your Automatic Overhead Door Slam Shut?

When closing the overhead door, you may notice that it has started to slam shut. In addition to being unpleasantly loud, this can also cause severe damage to your door. Unfortunately, this problem often stems from issues with the primary tension spring. Often, these issues relate to the spring being warped, corroded or other problems that could cause it to fail. 

If you encounter this problem, you will need to have a professional repair the damage. The tension spring is a highly dangerous component because it is under a tremendous amount of force. This can make it likely to snap when it is being repaired, which will put you at a high risk of suffering a potentially life-threatening injury. 

What Causes The Door To Rattle While It Is Opening And Closing?

Another issue that your overhead door may encounter is a rattling as it is opening or closing. This can be extremely loud, and it may be unnerving to hear. Usually, this issue is caused by an imbalance in the door. When the weight is not evenly distributed on both sides, it can cause the loud rattling sound you hear. Repairing this will require the door to be realigned. 

This type of imbalance is not the only issue that can make these symptoms. If the motor has been poorly maintained, it may be experiencing excessive friction or reduced power, which can also contribute to these symptoms. Both of these causes of rattling will likely require professional help to repair because if the door is aligned incorrectly or the motor poorly serviced, you can cause severe damage to the door. 

Performance issues are bound to arise over the course of time that you own your overhead door, and it is important for you to understand what is needed to address these issues. By knowing why the door is slamming shut and what is causing the door to rattle, you should be better prepared to have these overhead door problems addressed.