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Dumpster Dos And Don'ts-How To Eliminate Repulsive Odors

If the dumpster that you are renting is emitting some strong odors that cause people to move quickly across the parking lot when they visit your property, eliminate them with the following tips. 

Clean Around And Under The Dumpster

Although your dumpster is the main culprit for foul odors, the area around and underneath the container can be adding to the problem. Get into the habit of spraying underneath the dumpster with a water hose each week or if trash spills onto the ground. Use a long handled scrub brush and soapy water to clean surface stains around the dumpster. Trim bushes and plants that are located nearby to reduce the chance of trash being trapped between them.

Use Citrus Oil And Peels

Citrus oil and peels can be used as a natural disinfectant and pesticide. They both emit a pleasant scent that will linger for weeks. Spray the oil around the perimeter of the dumpster's lid and into the base of the dumpster before it becomes filled with trash. Fill a small plastic storage container with orange or lemon peels. Poke some holes in the top of the lid with a hammer and nail. Place the container next to the dumpster or directly underneath it. The peels will remain effective for several weeks and can easily be replaced when needed.

Minimize And Secure Food Waste

Avoid throwing food items into the dumpster until they are sorted. If food is still fresh, donate it to an organization in need. If you are disposing of organic materials, they can be turned into compost and added to soil in a garden or flower bed. To do this, place the materials in a container that seals. Stir the contents a couple times each week and add a small amount of water if they are very dry. After a few weeks, the materials will decompose and can be mixed with soil to increase the nutrient content that it contains.

Secure leftover food items that are going to be placed in the dumpster inside of a sturdy container that has a tight fitting lid. An empty paint container or small storage bin will work well. Minimize foul odors by waiting to place the container inside of the dumpster until right before it is scheduled to be emptied.

Offensive odors won't be a problem any longer as long as you continue to practice each of the tips on a regular basis. For more information, contact TCM Sweeping and Disposal.