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Two Tips For Correcting A Loss Of Pressure With Your Air Compressor

Air compressors are common tools for those that use pneumatic tools, but these systems can commonly encounter problems that will make it all but impossible to generate the correct amount of air pressure. When problems strike, you may find it impossible to use your tools until the issue is addressed. Fortunately, problems can often be corrected by simply following these two tips. However, if these tips do not correct your issue, you should let a professional technician look at the unit to avoid accidentally damaging it or injuring yourself while trying to make advanced repairs. 

Check For Leaks In The Primary Supply Line

One of the most common sources of a lack of air pressure is a leaky supply line. Unfortunately, these leaks do not need to be large to cause major performance issues with your devices, and they can also be extremely difficult to detect. Luckily, you can use a simple candle to help determine if a leak is present and where it is located. 

To do this, activate the air compressor and slowly move the candle along the supply line. If the flame inexplicably starts to flicker, you are likely near a leak. Once you have located the leak, patching it should be a simple task, and this can save you from needing to spend the money for an entirely new hose. 

Clean The Filter And Vents

Another routine source of low air flow is clogged filters and vents. When these components become clogged due to dust and debris, the compressor will not be able to pull in enough air to work effectively. In addition to performance issues, this problem can also cause overheating and become a major threat. 

You can help reduce the risk of encountering this problem by performing a detailed inspection of these components and removing any dust before each use. When removing the dust from the vents of your air compressor, you should use a damp cloth to minimize the risk of spreading this debris to the interior of your device. For those with disposable air filters, simply replace them, but if you have washable units, you will need to thoroughly rinse them under running water until the runoff from the filters are clear. 

Air compressors are complex devices, and many people that use them may be unfamiliar about how to address a sudden loss of air pressure. By inspecting the supply lines for leaks and cleaning the vents and air filter, you should be better positioned to correct this issue when it arises with your compressor. Air compressor experts, like those at Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc.may be able to provide you with more information.